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  1. Not much, and you? ^_^

  2. *Drifts away some more!!* >:-D

  3. I'd love to show you my hairy legs! We can like compare and stuff. Can't wait to see you. ^_^ 9 more days w00t

  4. I like hot wings ^_^ Can't wait to see you. It's only 9 days away!

  5. hey handsome. it's good to see you again ^_~

  6. @sledge: lol making profit out of that? interesting. O_O

    yea yea maybe next month :ppppp

    @lady: hey you. ;D *glomp-tackles*

  7. hey sledge. long time no see. :D

    so and so as usual haha. how 'bout you?

    i see you are working on the new features again. hopefully i'll get use to them soon. lol. there's always new improvements to gaze and awe at when i come back. ;ppppp last time it was like a myspace thing where you could put youtube code to display in your profile, which was pretty cool too.

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