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  1. Hey guys and girls, need to decide on whether I should enter this sig into the SOTW on my other forums, the theme is Music so yeah. Just tell me if it needs fixing or anything, thanks.
  2. haha thanks sledge i didnt post the hitman sig because i dont looike posting threads with only one sig on it because i like to let peple compare thanks for the feedback again...
  3. thanks you very much the only reason the last one is one o m worst ones is because of the c4d's that i used... didnt really go with the render itself.
  4. about the noise, eah i kind of overdid it haha.. but the 'B' ws on purpose because i didnt want it too stand outy... if thats a wordd and i do havee more fonts but none really looked good with the background.. thanks for the feedback p.s. sorry if some of this is mispelled or wrong punctuation im on m cell phone haha just checking the forums.
  5. I'm not sure if it looks this way to other people, but it kind of looks cinematic to me.. Kind of like a wide-screen movie... Anyways I like it and that's all that matters, other people liking it is just a bonus to me. (see my quote in my sig ( ) anyway thanks for the feedback.
  6. Well here they are, just 2 sigs. The first one is for me, my name is Brandon. Hence the 'B' . The second one is for my friend who wanted me to make a sig for him with the same style/effects it didn't turn out as well as the first one I don't think but anyway here they are. ^Mine^ ^Kurt's^ Ok, please criticize I love criticism but PLEASE, nothing but constructive criticism anything else makes me feel like I should just stop making these altogether. But I doubt any of you will do that because so far most of you are very nice. Anyway rate them, etc.
  7. It's a seperate image (C4D) :s. Glad I'm getting some feedback on these, thanks guys.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad I got a reply .. I'm planning on staying with this forum if it's pretty active so yeah.
  9. I don't really know if you guys and girls will like these because this is my first time being on this forum, hell I don't even know if the forum is active anymore... Anywho here's some of the latest sigs I've made just wanted to show you guys what I'm about.. some of them.. Most of them aren't anime. :/ Is supposed to look like a comic book so yeah. Reflective criticism - someone criticising you for something they do theirself. Sig I made for my pure on rs using sonic cause.. well he's sexy... Just one made out of Rainbow Six. Really one of my worse sigs tbh... but yeah I was bored. Well I hope you liked them but really don't care if you didn't thanks for looking at them.
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