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  1. I'm horrible at explaining things so I got that from the site listed above.
  2. lol, is that a bad thing? I'm not obsessed with it or anything, right now I am just looking for another anime to watch.
  3. Has anyone else watched this series yet? I was just able to finish it today and thought it was pretty good. I did think though it started slow but then it really picked up. It had everything in it pretty much, action, comedy, love ... ect. I do kind of want a sequel made, but then again the ending was really good.
  4. Wow I'm surprised with a few on that list. I agree with everyone about GW it subs were awesome. The anime that made me laugh the most at the subs was Kenshin... man compared to the japanese voices i thought they blowed so much. The first episode I saw on CN made me laugh so hard at the voices I thought I was going to cry.
  5. wow such a long time since I have posted here >_> but here are a bunch of poems I have written, I think two of them were already posted here but that was awhile ago. "Bloody Tears" These perpetual thoughts why are they always deep within this withering soul never leaving, staying for a endless eternity I told myself i wasn't crying yet what is running down my face on this rainy day of death. With this broken heart I think, I think of all the times we shared and held eachother tightly in our arms Is that even still possible? We drift away day by day fluttering futher and further away into the darkened sea of blood. Closing our eye's dreaming of when everything was perfect you and i being all but one only having eachother in this decaying world of nothingness. I've held onto the past to long should i forget about it all and just push further into the cleansing water of red. Is life even worth living without you by my side? Should i just end it all here along this winding path and fill this river with my blood. ---------------------------------------------------------- "My Own Solitude" On this treacherous day where all seems to end I seem to be alone and desolate in my own despair You were my one and only love a person i wished to be with for all of eternity yet you would go about to bend the sands of time to make it as if I no longer mattered. As if i could forget, these feelings that i have always felt for you dwelling deep down inside by now blackened soul. On this eve nothing matters ... there will never be another ... no one to be, care, love sucked down into my own solitude of living never having to be struck down ever again. shall i end this ... is it worth every heart break I recieve ... I don't know if i will be able to survive any longer I just want it all to end .... ------------------------------------------------------ "Transparent Love" Of this world i only wanted to be with you can't you see the illusion of love. In my dreams all i see is you helping me along the winding road. you gave me the wings to fly and do the impossible but you left me in this shivering state of despair, all alone. why is this forebording taking over, i want it to go away, all i can see is the darkness. the endless sky's no longer have hope, they tire of everything in this world if only you could see how i felt before. the rain is now taking over and i can no longer fly now everything is up to me, if only things were clear. i'm always on my own, if only i could forget. in this despair there is nothing believable if only i still had your faith upon me. the darkness has taken over my world nothing to care, share, no one to be with this storm has created a new horizon without my soul -------------------------------------------------------- "dreams" Why does it seem everything is up to me. no one, no place, nothing, seems to help brighten the shining sky's, can't you to be my shield through this age of darkness? I have always wondered why, why this world is like it is. If only people would realize the power of love. These memories of the distant past, why can't they be forgotten. With this faith we used to have in eachother, why couldn't it change everything? Along the rusty path, i could see how everything was meant to be, you and i bleeding as if we were one for all of eternity. If this wasn't meant to be, the cloud's of war would surely show us the path around eachother, but yet they bring us closer each and every day showing us the way to the stars above. utimately you still left me in the alley in the pouring rain on that forsaken day. I told myself i wasn't crying, but was that true? Is my life all lies, did i never really love, never care, share, or was this only the dream of having you my arms. In my life dreams are my reality. ---------------------------------------------------- "Crying Heart" I can only make the impossible possible when you are by my side. With this strength flowing through my body while you are near, i feel like i can protect this ill forgotten world, but is it enough to protect you? Fate has played it's roll throughout my life, filling it with pain, hardship, sadness, but when i met you, it all drifted away like a feather, soaring in the star lit sky. The distant light showed us the way, to protect eachother. if only we didnt lose our way along that cold december night. With your life, came death even with all the power of twilight, i still couldn't stop your wings from shedding. I kept your feathers locked away deep with in my crying heart. Withering away day by day, i looked down at the darked earth, hearing it cry to be reborn in this distant world of stars. but is it possible to be saved with out you by my side? Is this how it is, how life is meant to be? Then it truely is a given that you will always miss something, someone along the path of love. ----------------------------------------------------------- "Pain" what is the meaning of life. suffering, despair, pain All through life we seem as if all that matters is ourself in this drowning sea when is it that we all become one. We all carry this weight that seems like it could destroy just the way you did to me. Couldn't you feel this world falling apart, With this universe showing us fear, resentment. We try to show ourselves Show ourselves somehow that we are better than everyone else Yet we are all but the same is this damning ocean. When we find eachother we see the meaning, A meaning to hurt another. To be as if we are the only being with the power to overcome. But what if all that was taken away? Would the world be for better or worse, or could it show us through its tears that it is all coming to an end The end of being, starting anew This planet cries its sorrows away seeing how we hurt another just wanting it all to end but with all there power it doesn't matter the power of the heart will overcome but not if you aren't shown the right way. In the end we all ask what what was all the pain meant to be for. ------------------------------------------- "Wings" "In this time that we yearned for one another, Why was it possible for it all to end. Are we even the people we are believed to be anymore? was everything a figment of the truth? I try to believe, To believe that everything that i once held onto will come back to me in a way. I will always be waiting for that single day, The day when the sky will open and bring endless power to those who believe, but will that day ever come for those who yearn. I will always believe that you are along my side, even till this darkened day when the skies are closed. Yet I held onto the wings that are now shards of your existance, They made me what i am today, giving me strength, courage, wisdom. But why aren't you still here with all that you have given me. In this withering world which only decay takes place, I push forward with those wings you once gave me, trying to find the place i always wanted to be. yet all i can find is a time of emptyness in this Universe. Queitly crying, I will always embrace you with these wings you gave me." and that is all for now
  6. i'm going to watch episode 28 tommorow, YAY! i get them weekly, i actually think its much better then the first one, and i think the story flow is going along better this time
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