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  1. I'm glad blu ray won. 1080p > 1080i
  2. Wardog


    Dungeon siege is a good game
  3. Wardog

    Arcade now open!

    Ooh, that makes it interesting. I've just been trying to beat the High Score. Guess I should have been checking the all time high scores.
  4. Wardog

    Arcade now open!

    I have an arcade question. How come the games have a Highscore and also and "all time highest score". Are the scores erased every now and then or what?
  5. Wardog

    Dreamcast 2

    Really? I didn't think it was anything special. But at the time, I'm not sure how creative any of those companies were, console-wise. There were some creative games, though. Oh well, I'm still wishing Atari would have made a comeback. They are still the greatest name in console gaming.
  6. I'm surprised Netscape made the news. I'd forgotten about it long ago.
  7. WoW is hardcore? I'd hate to think what Everquest would be. So why is GW boring?
  8. I've enjoyed some of the candy apples (they have loads of flavors). And cheesecake dipped in chocolate was great. Their truffles are really good too.
  9. How good is guild wars compared to Wow?
  10. I've liked pretty much everything I've eaten at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. Anyone else been there?
  11. Wardog


    oops. And no, I'm not wearing socks. But I have been known to wear them from time to time.
  12. Wardog


    Currently I don't have time for a lot of games. I do play PC games though. Right now if I have time, i sometimes play Unreal Tournament or Civilization 4. The past games that I've played the most are UT, Starcraft, Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed, Civilization 2-4, Quake3 (though I haven't actually played any mods for it), Everquest, and WoW.
  13. Wardog


    Hi, I'm new here. I, uhhh, play video games. Anything else you'd like to know?
  14. Giuliani should quit while he's ahead
  15. My personal opinion was that Jedi should have been one of several elite trees. Making one class dominant over all others pretty much ruins a game every time. (and the way to unlock jedi in SWG ruined it too) And if you think about it, Boba Fett was basically a gunfighter and he was a challenge for a jedi, so why not make a jedi on par with other elite classes in order to balance?
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