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  1. unknownassailant


    socks?!? what the hell? welcome to AC,enjoy.
  2. sucked butt. the whole weekend sucked butt. i had to stay home while my wife went to houston. my dogs kept me awake most of the time. but i did get a free portable building for helping my boss. i needed one cuz my new lawnmower and weedeater was stolen the other night while i was home. damn crackheads.
  3. hell yeah man. sucks you have to pay to fix it, but its looking up for you!
  4. unknownassailant


    nothing really just a typical friday night.
  5. well i live in the south, so snow/ice dont come here very often. so when it does im one of the few idiots that ignore the traffic warnings and go out and play. my truck gets NO traction as it is so i have a lot of fun sliding across parking lots.
  6. glad i dont have kids. all i have is 2 dogs and a cat.
  7. i love driving in the snow/ice. but its still too warm down here for that. everything happens for a reason. that kid that hit you might have gotten his ass beat when they got home too. a little something to look forward to. and at least you drove away from the wreck. he's out of a ride totally
  8. unknownassailant


    enjoy your stay. beware of the sledge.
  9. unknownassailant


    ha i bet you get the runs
  10. unknownassailant


    i warned you didnt i sledge. take some rolaids and go lay down.
  11. OMG! that is so fuc**** funny! man thats great. they need to use that at my job.
  12. its still a nice 70 here in louisiana. wish we could get some snow. its december and im still wearing shorts, what the hell?
  13. unknownassailant


    yeah back on topic... hope you enjoy yourself here. i know i have so far.
  14. unknownassailant


    yeah i think it is. if it comes out then it must have gone in.
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