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  1. Wait. Sage mode is actually collecting natural energy. Natural energy includes energy from water, air, trees etc... the environment. it can detect the source of energy [remember how naruto tracks down the real pain?] It cannot absolutely ABSORB chakra from humans. Did Naruto absorb chakra from pain in the battle? He outrageously went into Kyuubi mode! Sage mode DOES NOT allow one to absorb chakra from another person. and that is why... Naruto cannot absorb chakra from Sasuke. and ANYWAY. I think both have their weaknesses now. Sasuke was flawless before his battle with Itachi. His eyes were ok. But now he is going blind. And that would, obviously, be an advantage for Naruto. And maybe Sasuke will avoid fighing with gen-jutsu because of the risk of going blind.
  2. Well of course. I am actually surprised they bothered to continue it. There are thousands of manga out there that had been animated only to thirteen or twenty four episodes long. And that through that, the whole storyline gets cut up. In one way its good because then every anime will end up like Naruto with slow paced fillers and yawn earning OPS. :/ no offence. But FMA was one of the BESTEST animes i have EVER SEEN! So I am secretly looking forward to whatever the second season has bought. XD
  3. Ola! XD. Love is around you! Your universe is full! :D

  4. has anybody read the latest naruto chapter? is it only me or i think that the whole pain thing is going to last... for another decade?
  5. you guys are probably right... but the fact shouldnt be ignored that there are hardly any information on where the byakugan came from etc. where as we already found out the whole history of the sharingan. also... i am disturbed to see that there arent any byakugan users in the latest manga chapters when pain comes to find konoha and is destroying it. Clans like the abruame clan and even the insuka clan has been shown... but no byakugan. I am a bit disturbed. are they that insignificant or is it just kishimoto's ignorance?
  6. I havent read the manga from the start... I have read it from when Gaara is killed and then he is revived. So I cant really say anything. But I am SURE that in the anime... in Neji and Hinata's chuunin exam fight... there was a mention that Sharingan evolved from Byakugan.
  7. i didnt not like the priestess movie. It was stupid.
  8. Ayesha Raees

    Hinata Vs Sakura

    oh and yeah... Its like everyone has forgotten the fact that Hinata was actually the first one and the youngest one at that too, to invent her own technique using water manipulation. And that was just a beginning, in shipuuden, its obvious that her techniques are improved really well. And as she is the Hyuuga Hieress... it is obvious that she is more powerful. Sakura on the other hand, has no techniques what so ever. Esp. in the old Naruto. She would just go on and on and on by crying and it was really irritating. She has no techniques. But when she joined Tsunade, then you can say that she learned something. But comparitively, Hinata is more powerful. And about battle experiences. Its obvious that Hinata has more because sakura was only training with Tsunade when Naruto left for three years. When Sakura was training... it was written there that she didnt do any missions. Where as Hinata did. She just didnt have much screentime as she is not on team 7. and there is also another proof that Hinata is more skilled and powerful and has more experience than Sakura... and that is when after sasuke left... there were thousands of fillers of mission in which there was no Sakura but a lot of Hinata.. so its simple. HINATA ROCKS! ^^
  9. Ayesha Raees

    Hinata Vs Sakura

    You guys are going into complicated matter. Its simple. Take an ant and kill it. Who will cry? Suckura ofcourse! so DUH Hinata is SOOO much better than that cry baby.
  10. Ok i changed my mind! ^^ Byakugan is awesome! why? simple! Its more powerful that Sharingan! And as Sharingan originated from Byakugan... its simple that its more powerful! but ofcourse there is this problem of screen time popularity that makes everyone yelp "Sharigan" like puppies.
  11. I dont know whats wrong with Naruto. I think Sasuke is getting way too much screentime! (not that i am complaining) but the manga name is supposed to be "NARUTO"... naruto is always training! And training and training! and he doesnt fight or defend and you know... the manga and anime is turning out boring now. Doesnt anyone think so? naruto trained and got a new powerful technique with his element manipulation BUT it was too dangerous to use after he used it on Kakuzu. Which is lame because did he just worked that hard to use it only once? And totally... Sasuke is such an emo guy. Now he wants to destroy the village so later he could cry over that too. Why doesnt he repent that its his fault, say sorry and get the hell on with it?
  12. you know I have been actually thinking the same thing... why do they need the beasts if they are going to take such a long time to capture/destroy the world? its kinda... lame? oh well... in every manga/anime there is this take over the world scheme that ends in a failure. why would Naruto be a different?
  13. i am listening to "I am alive" by "Disturbed" anybody listened to this song before?
  14. Ayesha Raees


    welcome dude!
  15. Each of them have their own speciality! i think both are powerful... Sharingan is able to copy attacks where as Bykugan have 360 degree vision.... both are awesome!
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