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  1. narutofan

    Bleach Movie

    You mean Bleach: Memories of Nobody? It debuted in Japanese theaters on December 16, 2006.
  2. Now that, would be a sight to see...
  3. narutofan


    Bleach isn't new. Evidently they crossed the 100th ep. quite a while ago. I started watching it just last week, & really liked it. Upto to the 10th ep. now...
  4. narutofan


    Watched it. Was really good. But it's hard to wait for a week for the next ep... But I do have a lot to keep me occupied though. Started watching Bleach. Indeed is good...
  5. Nice stuff guys. Will definitely keep me occupied for a while
  6. WOW is the best online game, ever!!!!!!
  7. Just only started playing online, & I found the experience ok, not as bad as I thought it'd be...
  8. narutofan


    I just got hold of the 216th episode. Yet to watch it. Any idea when's 217 coming out?
  9. Stupid stuff, all these. Their law departments seem to have nothing better to do, & are thus seemingly trying to 'create' work for themselves...
  10. I played my first SF game on my PC; but I really loved playing it on PS. I'm still going for it. I'm usually a RPG & strategy gamer, but SF is a gr8 game, one of my favs
  11. My fav part was the last bit. I'm a sucker for happy endings, so no wonder I really liked it
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