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  1. I'm a pretty hardcore player, but in a different way. I'm a hardcore Type I player. I hate Type II with a vengeance. Classic Magic is the way it should be.
  2. They really should put this together and make it into a movie. It would be great.
  3. Mattrello

    You Are A Pirate!

    I always have been and always will be a ninja, hardcore. ... ... ...But damnit, this is awesome. Yar!
  4. On the one hand, that is so, SO true. I notice that ALL the time. ...but on the other hand, I've BEEN the white guy with the asian chick.... so... I guess I've got no room to talk.
  5. Aeris-sama for life. Sakaki-san. So cool, so sweet. (Azumanga Daioh) Gaha. Mm. 'Nuff said. Those of you who didn't see this one coming should be bonked. Just... yeah. Yeah. Perhaps I'll think of more later.
  6. Majin Vegeta vs Fat Buu. Yusuke vs. Suzaku. Quatre vs. The World. Good stuff.
  7. Mattrello


    Ah, I remember being the Defender of the Newbs. That was a long time ago. Welcome to AC. May your intelligence add value to the collective creativity of this forum. Or just go wild. It's what the mods do.
  8. Well, I don't have specific shows or anything. I suppose I could set one up, though. Get ahold of me on AIM about it.
  9. Yes, I've been practising and performing street magic for about three months now. I'm already emailing with a few world-renowned magicians about collaborating on some new stuff, and I'm working at a bar every Friday night.
  10. Wow, that's a really nifty sig. I really like it... But it's not the theme I was going for. I was looking for the 'shatter' theme. I may still use it, but is it possible to get the 'shatter' one? Sorry to bother.
  11. NO YOU ARE LATE YOU DON'T COUNT![/sarc] Thanks.
  12. I remember when I first joined... I started searching 'DBZ' in ICQ... came up with Ladywriter. Of course, being a 13 year old boy, I tried hitting on her. She very swiftly and eloquently shot me down, and invited me to the forums. My first forum evar. *hugs the AC* How I've missed you. Thanks everyone for your warm welcome.
  13. THis is the only forum I go to, I really don't get into forums that much, I usually find it boring.... But this forum has never left me wanting in all the years I've used it.
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