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    6'3 Black hair.
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    Anime, movies, books, and music
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    unemployed at the moment.
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    Akira, Outlaw Star.
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    The Legend of Zelda.
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    Donnie Darko
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    The Catcher in the Rye.
  1. Lets see ever since I saw Evangelion I had a pretty big crush on Misato, Hilda from Outlaw Star, and Relena from Gundam Wing, and Suzuka was pretty nice too.
  2. Ghost_Reamer

    New Guy.

    Yeah I think that would be best... Lol
  3. Ghost_Reamer

    Girl Bands

    I would definitely have to say The Eurythmics, or Nancy Sinatra...
  4. Ghost_Reamer

    New Guy.

    I would, but um... I'm afraid of being banned.
  5. The dark trance music that whatever this online radio service has been playing... mmmm... dark trance music.
  6. Ghost_Reamer

    New Guy.

    I do fuck the shit out of bears Joe... And well I love yiur sig... lolz. THROBBING COCK!
  7. Ghost_Reamer

    New Guy.

    LOLZ I'll be sure to keep an eye on you.
  8. Oh God that was absolutely hilarious! ^^
  9. Right now I'm reading "Lost Souls," by Poppy Z Brite, which is pretty interesting so far... nothing quite like a story about gay vampires. ^^ After that I beleive that the next book that I'm going to start reading is "House of Leaves."
  10. Ghost_Reamer


    Heys!! Welcome... I'm new here as well.
  11. As much as I loved the fight between Cell and Gohan... and also the awesome battle between Zechs and Heero... to me my favorite fight scene also has to be from DBZ... but I absolutely loved that fight between Goku and Frieza... I wouldn't of cared if it had never ended. ^^
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