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  1. Yeah... 3 is MUCH better....
  2. Kagura sorta came back in a wind that was blowing to remind Sesshoumaru to kill Naraku after tokejin broke later on.
  3. For eartweak, it takes a while to translate, but yeah, that's what the thing was, it's not official, but who knows, it might be... And I wish it is, it's so nice...
  4. From what I can see, u get ur manga stuff from ear tweak, no this is not on ear tweak, and ear tweak is not really up to date either, this was professionally drawn like the manga, though it's not the manga, it's anime, or so says my friend, it's one of those things that anime made up, it's supposed to be around the time of the dragon scale tessaiga, BEFORE he mastered it, around the time when tokijin broke I think, in other words, it's anime plan, so I kinda think the anime is not finished yet. But on the other hand, it's not published so this is kinda like fiction, but PROFESSIONAL fiction. Well... it would be cool if it was animated.... though I don't know exactly which company made it...
  5. Flamelta

    Inuyasha Is Not Over

    Well, anime puts it in with the music and stuff, and can make one scene really good. But then you can't imagine what really happened yourself.
  6. This part of the manga, it's in Japaniese, so I can't read it, I had my friend translated it, so the quotes might not be exact, since she's only been in Japan for like 4 years.
  7. Flamelta

    Inuyasha Is Not Over

    Well u can always read the manga, I know it's not as good, but it's the best I got so far. They have to animate Kagura's death! If they don't.... grrrrrr..... And Kanna betral of Naraku, I have to HEAR her say it... I'm not sure, she said she betrayed him, but there's no proof...
  8. I think Sesshoumaru's mom died on the same day as inuyasha's birth, and so did their dad, Sesshoumaru kinda killed her, well, she never would've lost if Sesshoumaru didn't tell her about Inuyasha's mom and their dad's business, isn't is so great when ur told that u have a step-son when ur being attack by a deadly blast? That's what I heard at least. Here's a nice little quote by Sess's mom, the only one I can find" "Why do you have a scent of a human on you?" ~ I love this quote!
  9. Flamelta

    who do you hate?

    Shippo, I don't know why, he's just too cute and really whimpy. Even the times where he's supposed to be brave.... (as in the directer was trying to make him look brave)
  10. Sesshoumaru, I don't like Bankotsu in the first place Jankotsu's better than him.
  11. I like sesshoumaru, but I like Inuyasha better, sesshoumaru is probably better than inuyasha in anyway possible, except, kindness and happiness. I guess it seems to me like sesshoumaru isn't really a growing character, I mean, he's still basically the same character as he was before, he's more of a symbol than a character, I mean the JEWEL grew more than he did. I know he got nicer to his "friends" and inuyasha and all that... but still... I like to see him change some more. Inuyasha's a lot better to be around with, and he's more happy than Sesshoumaru even with his past, he's still the same inuyasha in personallity as before, but he's more alive. Sesshoumaru's pretty alone too, and he would not let anyone change him, Rin did some, but not as much.
  12. I loved the 3rd movie! It's better than the 4th one in my opinion, if u ppl want to see it so much I have all 4, I can probably upload it onto videoblogs....
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