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    I was born and now I sit here waiting for death. In the meantime feel free to chat to me.
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    In the great blue beyond.
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    Death, destruction and choas.......basically i am a roleplayer only.
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    Human Resource Manager of Slackmans Associated
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    the good ones
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    RPG's of all types
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    title doesn't fit
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    the one with 2 covers.
  1. hmm....might trry it on my old bucket.
  2. lol....does this only happen on dells?
  3. supagoth

    You Are A Pirate!

    what the duece?????
  4. hehe. i will remeber these as i just started a second job......... telemarketing! Inbound only thankfully.
  5. how about...... Air force: Anyone Is Really Flying On Randomly Collected Equipment. or to use mimiru's beginning: Air Force: Air Is Ready For Overly Ridiculous Casino Extortion. Niether are funny but hey.... what can you do?
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