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  1. I've been wating Fairy Tail tonight.. catching up on some episodes. The grand magic games arc is great. :D

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    2. Kite


      i stopped just after the time skip. As the next arc was non cannon, and incomplete, is the magic games arc complete, and I might continue watching the anime, I generally watch anime in chunks,. otherwise so little is done per episode, it is border line insanity trying to watch one a week, Naruto for example has been in the same arc for about 18 months (ninja war) 1 ep a week covers to little ;p

    3. Sledgstone


      Thats what we do. If its filler we skip it. Then we wait until we have about 10 or so episodes to watch. We're all caught up on Fairy Tail now. 7 episodes yesterday and another 7 tonight. I have a feeling the anime will catch up to the manga at some point soon tho, considering they are both on the same magic games arc.

    4. Pchan


      I stopped reading and to good reason. For instance, the last Erza fight in the manga and the way it ended was hotchpotch. Those big boobs are enticing enough for me to continue watching. I have One Piece for that and FT picks a lot from One Piece anyway.

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