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  1. I was expecting to get that car this past weekend only to never be called by the salesperson. I called today and the car is delayed again another week. WTF. I don't know if this car is floating on one of those cargo ships off of california, or if there is just no truck driver to actually drive these cars to NY from whatever state they were manufactured. It'll be 3 months since I put a deposit down. My recommendation for anyone that needs a new car, go to 2-3 different dealerships and put a deposit down of $100 to reserve a car at each location, whichever dealership gets the car in stock first then gets the sale. I honestly wish I would have done that.

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    2. slippers


      damn thats just ridiculous. 👎

    3. Sledgstone


      I forgot to update, I got the car 9 days ago! Exactly 3 months from the date I put the deposit down. I'll have to upload some pics of it soon. I'm glad it finally came in. I was stressing my ass off with my old car since the exhaust could have broken off at almost any time. 6 days after I got the car I bought new snow tires for it. I'm all set for the winter now. :D

    4. slippers


      Congrats!! Yesh, upload some pics man :D 

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