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  1. The alternator on my car died yesterday. x_x I'm getting quotes today to see how much to get it fixed. fml. I still have an exhaust issue with the car to but the two places I've gotten quotes from of course don't want to patch the hole, they will only replace my entire exhaust system. wtf.

    1. Sledgstone


      The guy that did my brakes last time also does a variety of other auto repair. He replaced my alternator for $300 including the part. The dealership wanted $607. I don't want to get nickeled and dimed by the car since it is 11 years old already so I was going to trade it in and get a used car. The used car sold but my trade is in worth way more than I thought it would be. So now I'll get a new car, but all the new cars are out of stock like PS5s because of the chip shortage. I had to put a deposit down on a new car and it'll be in stock around the end of October or maybe beginning of November. wtf. Its a good thing new cars are so expensive and requires insurance, warranty, loans, etc or all those Ebay flippers would be buying up new cars and reselling those for large profits. wtf.

    2. Sledgstone


      And I found out today the car I'm buying won't even be built until the first week of November and I probably won't get the car until December. Wtf. :(

    3. slippers


      yeah i heard about that chip shortage. that sucks. :( what brand are you getting? how much?

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