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  1. Its been a month since my root canal. I had another appointment yesterday for the rest of the work. They removed the temporary filling, xrayed it to make sure its all good, then did the permanent filling, then shaved/shaped the tooth for the crown, then imprinted my teeth/jaw line with a mold, then put on my temporary crown. Took them an hour. My new permanent crown will be ready in 2 weeks and then I'll finally be done. This root canal situation has been quite the experience. $1200 total after insurance. I have another tooth that might need one if it gets another cavity. If that happens I think I'll have that one pulled instead since its in the far back. Screw all this. x_x

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    2. Sledgstone


      Omg what a horrible string of bad luck. O_O I hope everything starts going better for you soon. You didn't get those busted water pipes back in February did you? That would have been horrible to replace the carpeting and then have water damage. I'd get that filling fixed. It should be free since you already paid for it and they should rush you in to since they screwed up. There is also a temp filling package you can buy at pharmacies to fill in the hole in the tooth until you see the dentist again.


      These over the counter temp fillings don't always have the best reviews tho.

    3. slippers


      i did feel he was kinda rushing it that day bc it was well over closing time by the time it was finished. but hes a good dentist, hes the one who did my old crown 20 years ago..and it was kinda my fault too bc he specifically told me not to pull it upward when taking a floss out. i did that multiple times (everytime i ate something) with a lot of force when it got stuck between my teeth and it popped out. XD but i did manage to get another appointment this friday and got it redone without paying. he seemed embarrassed about it and didnt question me how it fell off. he got into work right away, talking to me about what he was doing, making jokes and taking his time to make sure its secure etc. his wife who works there as his assistant apolgized to me so im not even upset or anything ill just be careful when flossing from now on.

      fortunately there was no water pipe damage and the carpet was replaced with wooden floor. i heard all the plumbing companies were booked for two months in houston. X_x the hardest part was removing old books, cds, clothes, and furniture etc from the house before the construction started. took me 3 full weeks to get rid of all of them, even sneaking in the morning dumping trashes near local stores’ dumpsters bc i didnt want to piss off garbage men that visit twice a week lol. i didnt consider myself a hoarder but man there were lot of junks that i didnt touch for 20 something years. 0_o 

      (ps idk why my texts are showing small sorry about that)

    4. Sledgstone


      I'm glad you got your crown fixed! lol @ the hoarder comment. It was like that for me too. When we bought the house and moved, the 15 years of stuff we accumulated ended up being a huge amount of stuff. We weren't hoarders, but damn its amazing how easily so much stuff can build up that we haven't used or touched in over 10 years. And I threw out alot of stuff over the year leading up to us buying a house and moving too. Its crazy how stuff just starts to blend into the background or in a basement.

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