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  1. Its been a month since my root canal. I had another appointment yesterday for the rest of the work. They removed the temporary filling, xrayed it to make sure its all good, then did the permanent filling, then shaved/shaped the tooth for the crown, then imprinted my teeth/jaw line with a mold, then put on my temporary crown. Took them an hour. My new permanent crown will be ready in 2 weeks and then I'll finally be done. This root canal situation has been quite the experience. $1200 total after insurance. I have another tooth that might need one if it gets another cavity. If that happens I think I'll have that one pulled instead since its in the far back. Screw all this. x_x

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    2. Sledgstone


      I got my permanent crown in a couple days ago. Honestly, I'm very pleased with the end results. The new crown fills in the big gap that was between the temp crown and the other back tooth where I had to have the crown lengthening done. The new tooth feels great and I was able to eat normally on that side of my mouth for the first time in two months.

    3. slippers


      two fridays ago my old crown broke off (had it done back in 1999) and took a good chunk of my front tooth with it. i guess inside was decaying a bit but my root (upper half) was fine so i didnt need another root canal. it looked horrible like a roughed up horseshoe close to my gumline with dark metal stains but doc smoothed it out and gave me a filling. putting the old crown ($80) back or getting a new crown ($800) wasnt an option and a waste of money bc there was nothing to hold on to and itll just fall off within a year he told me. he recommended me to pull the rest of that tooth out and get an implant but its $4500..no way lol. i decided to get a denture ($310) and i have another appointment this thursday to pick it up and get it adjusted. but i kinda regret paying for it bc i dont think i need it anymore. im use to it now with looks and feel, and have no trouble eating. i thought of pulling it out too but i was told that my neighboring teeth will eventually move towards that vacant space and get crooked teeth so im just gonna leave it as it is.

    4. Sledgstone


      That sucks. I was told the same thing with having my one tooth pulled. He said because I'm still young enough, over the years the teeth will shift and screw up chewing. Honestly a denture doesn't seem that bad to me. If I need another root canal or dental pull it'll be a hard choice for me. This crown worked pretty good so far, but if my option was implant or denture, I'd go denture 100% no questions asked. Screw the price of implants.

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