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  1. The Hobbit trilogy in 4k are completely different cuts of the movie. I had no idea. I was skimming through youtube tv the other day, put on Battle of the Five Armies in the background while I got some stuff done. Then when I sat down I figured I'd finish the movie. I put on the 4k version instead and wtf. Not only is the movie visually stunning.. I had no idea my tv could look this good. I could see every strand of hair on everyone's head and everything was so crisp I could almost tell when scenes used a green screen to film. But what really blew me away was all the extra scenes and the gore. Its like this is the R rated cut. WTF.

    Bodies getting crushed, heads and limbs getting cut off and blood.. blood everywhere. WTF. And theres one extra scene where Thorin jumps on a goat and is like "I'm going to the top of Raven hill to kill that Azog bastard" and Dain says "How do you plan on getting past that army?" 6 more of Thorin's dwarves show up in the war chariot. Thorin: "We'll manage." and then theres like a 7 minutes scene of them tearing ass and mass murdering orcs on their way to Raven Hill. WTF. In the original movie, Thorin says he'll go to Raven Hill to kill Azog, the scene changes and we see Thorin and the others on some mountain goats ascending the hill. The amount of blood and gore in this new scene is brutal. I was shocked. But it was f*cking awesome.

    Now I need to watch the rest of the movies in their 4k versions to see what else is new. I read the LoTR 4k versions are also getting new scenes.

    1. slippers


      Cool. O_o i only watched LOTR original triology. never watched anything beyond that. but im planning to watch LOTR series coming out on amazon.

      "i could see every strand of hair" rotfl my first moment i noticed that was when i first tried Roku channel with TCL TV. i only watched hells kitchen with that and it wasnt even HD. so i played a movie Forever Young and i thought something was wrong with TV screen because im like whats that on their face and arms? they look fuzzy wtf..as i looked closer im like holy shit i can see their face/arm hair XD

      and when did they convert old tv shows to 4k too? im watching little house this morning in my amazon library and picture looks amazing! BUT then why arent my old SD and HD movies automatically convert to UDH like that? kinda greedy they want full retail price for the same movies i paid for. 

    2. Sledgstone


      I know some movies will get auto AI upscaled to 4k depending on the hardware. Like the newer Nvidia Shield will upscale like that. But I guarantee whatever upscale it could do for my 1080p hobbit would be nothing compared to the remastered 4k version.

      I can understand why some shows would cost more for upgraded versions. I can't find the article right now but when Star Trek The Next Generation was remastered into HD, they had to redo all the cg space and ship effects for every episode. Mainly because the upscaling process for the original cg made the entire show look like garbage with a $10 budget. XD

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