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  1. I have a tooth filling that was replaced last week and its been nothing but pain. I went back to the dentist yesterday and he filed down the filling because it was screwing up my bite, but last night was just bad pain. fml. I'm hoping this starts healing now, if not I might need a root canal.


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    2. slippers


      that sucks. :( i hope you are doing much better now. i havent gone to dentist in decades..i just try to brush em every morning. its not that im scared to go, its just too costly. only scare i had was a couple years ago when i made a habit of eating chocolate ice creams almost everyday and sometimes skipped brushing my teeth. it started hurting for two weeks straight here and there but i kept brushing like crazy to make the pain go away XD and luckily it did. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Well shit got weird for me.. in the end it was the tooth in front of the tooth I got the filling in that was causing pain. Like it was intense pain for 3 weeks. I got on antibiotics and after 5 more days it ago started feeling better. I figured it was just an infection. I kept the appointment with the specialist at my dentist and told him the good news that everything was feeling better except for some pressure sensitivity. I could even eat on that side of my face again. He looked at me worried and said he can tell what happened and he'll do some tests. So he used these mini cotton balls and used some special can of air or whatever it was to super cool the little balls. He touched them on my teeth. The ones around that tooth all yelled at me when they got touched.. that one that was painful didn't react at all. He tested it multiple times. I never felt cold on that tooth. He said the pain I felt was the root dying from infection and now the tooth is completely dead. I either need to get a root canal or an extraction because it'll eventually start rotting from the inside out and potentially start spreading that rot to my jaw and cause an abcess. Wtf. And it feels almost fine right now.

    4. slippers


      damn thats bad. good thing you went back to check on it. id have just ignored it after it got better x_x i did that when i had an ear infection, or when i broke my right hand. ignored it until pain got unbearable and after cast was off i just blew off appointments bc i felt better. make matters worse i went fishing a couple days later and the spot that was broken and healed had swollen to a size of golfball. and for the next two years i couldnt grip with full strength with that hand. but yeah i dont mess with something like a toothache. my stubborn coworkers refused to go see a dentist and all waited until pain spread to their jaw, ears, and head. scary stuff. 

      ps root canal isnt that bad from what i remember. i broke my front tooth when i was in highschool, all i remember was seeing a needle going in (felt a sharp pinch in a gum area), half of my face got numb and didnt feel anything after that. hope you get it done soon before it gets worse. 😕

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