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  1. I'm stepping up my manscaping. lol. I bought a "MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver" off amazon. I've only used it once and I already highly recommend it. My back is like a wookie. XD And this thing shredded through all that hair and didn't pull a single one. No pain and no red marks or irritation on my back. Link for reference:


    Its got a rechargeable battery. I was really impressed with it. I'd post before and after pics of my back, but I don't want to traumatize people with my back hair bathroom mirror pics. XD

    1. slippers


      lol thats gross ūüėõ¬†but yea its always satisfying when a product you buy works as it should. i bought a grooming kit, dont even remember what brand, at walgreen once bc it was rechargeable (not batteries), and i thought it was cool bc it came with all these extra stuff like detachable¬†blades, small brushes/combs, and nose hair trimmer¬†etc so why not. nope, what a piece of garbage.¬†it took 6 HOURS to recharge and it ran out fast after little use maybe 10 mins top. and it was mediocre at best, pulling hair out was norm, changing blades was pain, and i tossed it out after a several use. after that i just got a conair hair clipper at walmart (and made sure it came with a f*cking cord lol) and its been over a decade now and it still goes strong. it gets hot when i turn it on for too long but i dont even bother to clean it anyway bc its¬†recommended to oil it after every use or something but works fine after all these years. so yeah to me simple is always better. i just dont believe it when a product promises extra goods, they are there for a reason maybe bc its a crap lol

    2. Sledgstone


      I hear ya about a corded shaver. I don't trust many cordless ones anymore because they all are underpowered and pull hairs. My primary electric face shaver is a whal peanut. It plugs right into the wall and never pulled a hair before. I was shocked by this mangroomer tho, I expected it to pull but it had a power burst button on it that made all the difference. It probably eats the hell out of the battery life, but I got through an entire back shaving with that power boost running constant and it still seemed to have plenty of power left over. lol.

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