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  1. I finally finished iZombie after starting and dropping it a couple times over the years. Its all on Netflix and it was an enjoyable show. It came out during the height of the zombie craze thanks to TWD, but its nothing like a traditional zombie show whatsoever. Its basically a lighthearted police show reminiscent of Psych or Castle, but instead of a psychic or book author helping the police detective solve crimes, its the police morticians, mostly Liv, who ends up becoming a zombie in the first episode. But as long as she eats brains, she stays a mostly normal functioning human. As she eats brains she sees memories of the deceased and she basically poses as a psychic for the first season or so.. and then it gets very good as the zombie virus starts spreading as the series progresses.

    Its an enjoyable show and only 5 seasons long so its an easy watch. The writing and acting is good and although alot of episodes are standalone, it does have an ongoing plot line for each season leading up to major developments thoroughout the entire series.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I used to watch all kinds of crap back in the day, RIP off shows, generic b-movies, etc. Now I'm much more selective.. except when it comes to zombies. XD Z-Nation was a great show. XD iZombie was enjoyable.. but the most surprising zombie movie I almost didn't take a chance on but I'm glad I watched it was Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies. I'm not linking the trailer on youtube because it's the worse trailer edit ever made. But the movie was hilarious and on par with any Sharknado movie in terms of comedy. XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      Z-Nation was the other one. XD. I really didn't care for Sharknado. It tried too hard to be bad so in the end if wasn't funny bad, or good to me, just mediocre which is the worst thing you can do in my eyes. They went from showing bad movies to trying to make ones and it just didn't do it for me. Mega Piranha will always be the best one they showed. I think that's the one where they had a car chase, and one of the characters was shifting an automatic transmission like it was a manual, and both cars kept changing makes and models in the same scene because I guess it was whatever car they could afford to rent that day of filming. XD Like the SUV was black and the car was white the whole time but they kept changing between a ford and a Chevy. They put stickers over the model/make decals to try to compensate. But this part will always be legendary:


    4. Sledgstone


      That movie was great. XD

      Mega Python vs Gateroid will always be a favorite of mine just because if this bad fight scene.

      The acting was so bad it was amazing. XD

      Sharknado 3 was the best one. The rest of those movies were garbage compared to fighting sharks in space. XD

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