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  1. I made a deal with a roofing company.. my roof repair is going to set me back a solid $1500.00 There goes my stimulus check plus some. I think I could have gotten a cheaper deal with a different company, but this guy does legit quality work. I figure you get what you pay for in most circumstances and this repair job will require replacing a small chunk of the roof, plywood and shingles at least 6x4, and blending new shingles in with existing ones and it'll come with a full warranty and guaranteed not to leak.

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    2. slippers


      yeah it sucks. last year it was a water heater. this year it was a dryer. its always something to fix or replace. i got my stimulus last week but i barely break even, and not counting car maintenance/repairs etc. heres hoping for 2nd stimulus but texas is reopening this friday so i dont know. maybe lol. do u still live in that old place next to cemetery? i remember hurricane ike back in 2008, it did a pretty good damage on the roof and it took them a week to fix it. good thing it was covered bc it was close to 5 grand 

    3. Sledgstone


      I hear ya, its like every week for me is paycheck to paycheck because something keeps coming up. My water heater freaking out in the middle of winter was a pain. I didn't have the money to replace it so I fixed it myself, I have a new dip tube ordered from amazon for it too then it should finally give me hot water longer than 8 minutes. x_x 5 grand to repair the roof.. damn. x_x Roofs are costly. x_x The roof guy gave me a quote for just over $10k for a new metal roof and an extra $6k for the garage. x_x One of these days I'll do that but finance it with a payment plan. We're leaning towards metal over shingles because it looks really nice and it'll be good for 50 years. 

      Nope, don't live there any more. We bought a house in October of 2018. :D We're about a 15 minute drive away from the old house we were renting. Its a single floor house with detached garage and we have 1.24 acres of privacy. :D I do miss the cemetery tho. But now I have woods surrounding the entire backyard so its nice.

      Another stimulus would be amazing and helpful, but I don't think we'll get it. I think the state's will start forcing openings to get the economy going again because if they don't soon, the damage might be too big for alot of businesses to survive. 

    4. slippers


      Congrats on getting your house. that sounds nice. :D 

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