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  1. I finished reading The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. I actually finished the book a month or two ago, and then started reading all the extra appendices at the end.. and that was alot of material. It was interesting to read about what happened after the movies ended and the eventual end of Aragorn's life all those years upon years later. And all the extra info about the origins of middle earth and the different ages. I didn't finish the entire appendix, I got burned out on it since most of it doesn't read like a full story. Once I got to a section where it was showing large time lines of events, mostly from the original trilogy I stopped. It was a good chunk of info.

    On a side note, the actual ending of LotR was in the shire with the hobbits raising a small hobbit army to defaut Saruman. lol. Who'd have ever seen that coming? XD That wasn't in the movie. XD 

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Bah, I read the entire appendices and enjoyed every minute of it 😛 Honestly I don't blame you any, it's a freaking slog through all of that but there is a lot of good information in there that actually clears up a lot of questions you might of had while reading the book (though sadly not an entire answer). Plus most of that stuff is actually covered in more detail in The Silmarillion (a book that will try your patience but probably my favorite book Tolkien wrote (well wrote notes and his son compiled them as best he could)).

      Yea they kinda skipped the book ending and jumped straight to the Grey Havens. While I do like that ending I really don't think it'd of made for a good movie ending (though seeing an army of Hobbits in action would of been amazing).

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