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  1. Now I understand why the last Lord of the Rings movie had such a long endless ending.. I'm halfway through the last book, the ring is already destroyed, the war is won and everyone is celebrating at the castle.. theres still like 300 pages left. wtf. XD and one of the biggest differences from the book and the movie was the last stretch of Frodo and Sam's journey. In the movie, they fought Shelob the spider and after Sam killed a couple Orcs and saved Frodo, they  took some more paths and were at the the lava in Mt Doom.. in the book, Sam had to infiltrate a massive Orc base, most of the Orcs killed each other in an argument, save Frodo.. and then had to actually go to Mt Doom still because that was only the first mountain. wtf. They had an extra week of traveling through enemy controlled land, sneak past multiple Orc bases and encampments, dress up as orcs and had to blend in with an Orc march to get over a bridge, get to Mount Doom, climb it.. lmao. the movie could have been so much longer. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      Honestly these books were way too long for movies. It was made too early. With HBO and Netflix these days, this would have been an amazing 5-7 season series easily. Digesting all of it an hour at a time would have made it more enjoyable and manageable.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      You mean so much better XD Yea the end of RotK kinda drags on for quite awhile with a lot of little things that weren't exactly necessary to get the story across (but remember, Tolkien was a world builder before a storyteller and he built one hell of a world).

      God what I wouldn't give for a literal book to TV series adaptation of Lord of the Rings (preferably HBO, Netflix does good stuff but I think HBO would do it much more justice). The movies were a little too condensed for my tastes and honestly not as enjoyable as a TV series would be.

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