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  1. Almost messed up my well by over using it trying to put some water in this pool.. now instead of slow filling it over the next couple weeks while it slowly becomes an algae disaster I'm buying a delivery of water instead. $160 for water. -_-;

    1. DeathscytheX


      Holy shit. Never had well water. I feel like we've discussed this before over something else like your propane tanks. But well water here for those that have it is a hassle. Pretty much any tropical system that rolls through will contaminate it and you have to go through whatever process to purify it again. We haven't had a lot of them since Katrina but I remember every time we had one in active years, the local news and advisory systems would always remind people that their well water was not safe to drink. I've always had city water with unlimited use.

    2. Sledgstone


      Ouch. Screw having a well in that area. Water around here is so abundant there's entire small towns that don't even have public water and everyone is on their own well. The only downside is the water quality. Some places have iron in the water or hard minerals like calcium that requires a purification system and UV light. My water is so good I don't even need to filter it. I still have a PUR filter on my kitchen sink for making coffee with because it does take down the calcium count to make the coffee maker last longer. And my fridge has a filter built in to and that makes damn good ice. I like not having a water bill but at the same time I wouldn't mind having public water for things like filling a pool.

      I have good water pressure because my well system has a good pump, pressure regulator, pressure tank, etc. I get 4 gallons per minute out my faucets. Turns out I drew so much water from my well that my water starting running dirty with literal silt/dirt. My pump sucked so much water out of the well so fast the well couldn't replenish itself fast enough and the pump started pumping the water from further down the well that hasn't been touched in so long a sediment layer must have formed down there. I had to stop using my water aside from flushing the toilets and let the well rest over night. By morning all the water was running clear and fine again.

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