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  1. Its been two weeks since we started work on leveling a spot for a pool.. removing the sod and dirt to level out a spot has been alot of work. Especially since my backyard is one giant hill going up at an incline. So many rocks too.. every single shovel full hits a rock. And on top of it all we had to start the pool circle over at one point because we realized that location had too low of a low point and we'd have to remove way too much dirt. Its been two weekends of 6 hour days each day of shoveling and multiple days off that also had some shoveling time. We've moved over a literal ton of dirt and rocks and sod.. Its almost done. x_x lady has been a beast with all this work. Impressive as hell.

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    2. Sledgstone


      My arms are wrecked but it'll be worth it. Lol.. I wish there was some money in these rocks but it's all just rocks. XD at least I'll never have to buy rocks for edging flower beds. I even have my own quarry on a chunk of my property. I weed whacked a path to it a couple weeks ago.



      I have so many rocks in there.. that's only the surface and it's at least 5 foot deep from different spots I could see thru.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Thats some big ass rocks. I use to love rocks when I was a kid. XD I'd probably be trying to pick up that mini boulder if I was still 10.

    4. Sledgstone


      That mini boulder is at least 200 pounds. I can't even budge it. XD it was sitting up higher and was upright.. but lady removed a massive amount of rocks from below it and she was able to push it over. It fell straight down to where it is now and hasn't moved since. XD

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