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  1. Finally got my dishwasher completely hooked up. What a pain in the ass. Mostly because the previous owners of this house didn't extend the new flooring into the dishwasher cabinet area.. and they installed an outlet directly behind the dishwasher that requires a flat style plug I had to order.. and the delivery guys threw away the insulation piece that I also had to order (no charge from whirlpool for that at least). And when I finally got it all in place I couldn't mount it until I added a new piece of wood trim to the underside of the cabinet to give it something to mount to. I know see why installation prices can run so high. wtf. Over 2 weeks I put like 8 hours into this thing. I ran it once for the first time last night. Seems pretty efficient.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Oh god I couldn't imagine. XD

      It was a good learning experience tho. I now know how to do it in case I ever need to again.. and I found out that sharkbite brand pipe fittings work amazingly well with no tools required. If I need to replace a damn fitting again I'll use that brand from now on. That was the last thing too.. I went to connect the water line, unscrewed the end of the pipe expecting a threaded connection on the end and instead I found out it was a pipe cap that popped off with just the end of a pipe with no fitting to connect the water supply line too. wtf. These people must have literally cut the pipe to disconnect their previous dishwasher instead of unhooking it correctly.

    3. DeathscytheX


      On an unrelated note, I just now realized we can finally edit status updates and replies. w00t! XD

    4. Sledgstone


      Holy crap you're right. XD I didn't notice until I read your comment. XD On another unrelated note I should be getting the other themes reinstalled this weekend. 😛

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