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  1. Thanks Spectrum/Time Warner for shutting off my services in the middle of the work day. fml. I scheduled the new account activation at my new house for this weekend and for the old account at the house I'm renting to terminate as of monday.. so what does Spectrum do? Shut my account down 1 day before the new account is activated and a full 4 days before it was scheduled to close. wtf. It took me 40 mins on the phone for them to reactivate my internet so I could finish working. wtf.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Its amazing how you cant just call up the cable company and have them come out that day to hook you up, but they can come a day early to disconnect you. XD Its such bullshit because it takes all of 10-15 minutes for them do to their job when they show up... but you need an appointment. It should be as basic as ordering pizza.

    2. Sledgstone


      Lol. Its funny because Spectrum had a hell of a time at my new house this morning. The person that did the install last time did the grounding wire completely wrong and this guy had to call up another spectrum person for help. They dug up a trench and buried a cable. He was here just over 3 hours running brand new cable all over the place and hes got to come back again later to replace a phone line in a crawlspace. XD At least I have good internet here now. I have 100 mbps connection, 10mpbs upload, no data caps and if I want to I can upgrade to the 1 gig plan here and have a 990+ mbps connection. Its actually a downgrade for me atm tho. The plan at my old house was 200 mbps standard. That would cost me extra now.

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