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  1. World versus World in Guild Wars 2 is fun again. I've played a little over an hour a night for the last 2 nights and I haven't had that much fun in WvW since I was power leveling my second character almost 3 years ago. I think I'll upload a video later tomorrow. The zerg rushes are real. XD I saved a couple videos but the one I really wanted didn't save for some reason. We had a full on battle of 3 armies, so epic. XD

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    2. Sledgstone


      You must have gotten on after I quit out last night. I was about to give up playing any WvW but then I saw Cloud Fly logged on, so I camped at a waypoint with him and waited about 15 mins for a zerg to form. Best hour of WvW I've ever had. :D I took a couple videos and I'll check them later and upload. Epic battles. Because there was no queue on any of the borderlands at the time, we kept swapping between each of the borderlands annihilating enemy zergs thanks to the scouts we had in place. XD

      Resistance works great on warrior in pvp when I need to pop it. It makes you immune to condi damage but does not cleanse the condi from you. You can always tell when resistance is on because its represented as three glowing orbs all tethered together circling around you. Its another reason why healing signet is so strong on warrior. The constant HP regen is amazing, but then if you get condi bombed, you pop healing signet for the heal and the resistance, then use endure pain to negate physical damage while healing signet comes off cool down to resume regen healing. I don't know what skills or traits rev has for resistance but a rev can share that resistance with an entire group which can make them extremely useful in wvw.

      I don't know how in the hell Cloud Fly survives as much as he does in WvW. Hes running bersker with healing signet, hammer and sword/(torch i think?). Sword is condi for warrior and hammer is all CC. I need to find out what his build is. If hes running with berserker stats then he must be using the defense trait line for the traited endure pain and extra healing regen traits. That guy is impressive as all hell in WvW.

    3. DeathscytheX


      He must have a good network of scouts on discord because he always knows where to go to stop the enemies from taking the keeps and where the enemy siege is when we take something. The Borderland hoping was great. After we crushed them on FABL, they came back again and we destroyed them and then chased the rest across the map killing more to teach them a lesson. XD we were even killing them in the water. I'm glad you got to experience his commanding. That food he drops helps too with the 20% less damage from condi and when stunned. 

    4. Sledgstone


      That food was useful and it surprised me how beneficial it was. My video card capture software does not like wvw. One of my videos saved with no audio. One didn't finish encoding and is unwatchable and all my videos since the windows 10 creators update has been full of endless stutter issues. 😒 the stuttering might be because of wvw causing to much strain on my cpu tho. Either that or its a strain on my hard drive read/ write. I'll have to take a couple videos of pvp to see if it's just a wvw issue for me. 

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