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  1. It feels like I've had constant appointments for the last month that keep eating into all my free time. Even this week I have at least 3 places to go during work hours causing me to make up time during my free time. x_x Tomorrow I need to go back to the tire shop. I got my summer tires mounted and balanced on thursday and by late saturday afternoon I'm getting a helicopter kind of air sound from my front left tire. "whoosh whoosh whoosh". I thought I had a bearing going, but I got my breaker bar out and sure enough the lug nuts weren't tight. wtf. First time I've ever had this tire place screw up a mounting before and I've been going to them for over 14 years. I tightened them up but I'm still getting a bit of sound while driving. I don't feel like hauling my 3 ton jack out of my basement so I"ll go back there tomorrow. I'm pretty certain they're going to have to lift the car and re-center the tire.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I might end up moving this summer so most of my weekend free time for the past month and a half has been eaten up by constant spring cleaning of my basement and sheds and then putting in 2+ hours of work on the weekends to make up for some appointments during the week. 1 or 2 more weekends and I should be done. x_x

      Speaking of that jp, I left my warrior there and when I do my daily login I've been opening that chest every day since you ported him there. XD

    3. DeathscytheX


      I love my mesmer too much to keep her dormant. XD I wish I would have done it with my engineer.

    4. Sledgstone


      Went back to the tire place. Turns out one of the back plates got loose and was hitting a rotor causing noise. The other part of the noise was one of my caliper pins/sides in the front left seized up and caused uneven wear on my rotor which warped it. I needed new brakes and got that done today. Spent $350 on it.  :bleedout: It needed the brakes tho and I'm surprised it passed yearly inspection with them in that condition considering to fully stop the car I'd have to push the brake pedal down past the gas pedal and almost touch the floor. This car runs like new now that I dropped $1400 on it over this past month. My gas mileage is even much better. I was averaging 26 mpg, and now its getting 36 mpg.

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