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  1. FedEx is one of the shittiest delivery companies on the planet. For about 10 years UPS has found my house and delivered with a success rate of 100%. I ordered a couch and the random delivery people found my house without needing directions. I could order fuel oil and a tanker truck will find my house and backup into the driveway. But if I order a single thing online like a hard drive, fedex will delivery to a vacant field half a mile from my house. At least thats where I'm assuming it is since it was "delivered, left on front door" earlier today. :disgust: FedEx has a 50% delivery rate at my house. 6 packages they've delivered to me, only 3 of which got to my house, 2 others went to neighbor's houses and this one is somewhere, probably thrown into the neighbor's pool.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I just saw someone on my FB friends list post about how their Fed Ex man leaves their dogs treats and how great he is. XDXDXD

    3. Sledgstone


      That would be the one and only fedex man that could use the hashtag: #notallfedexmen


    4. Sledgstone


      Either one of my neighbors dropped off my package this evening or fedex finally found my house. Whoever it was, was like a ninja. I'm glad I have it now so I can put this fedex bullshit behind me now. -_-; Tomorrow I'll hook up my new hard drive and see if SSD speed really is a huge improvement.

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