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  1. Uncharted 2 was a great game. I regret never playing these games when they first come out. I had no idea Sony had such an amazing series. I haven't enjoyed a game like this in years. Sure, Last of Us and Tomb Raider are amazing games too, but they were much more serious than Uncharted 2. The action and humor was a perfect mix and this series is straight up fun. And so many explosions. :D

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    2. Sledgstone


      Uncharted 2 made Uncharted 1 look like a tech demo. Its still decent enough to play through to get to know the 3 main characters a bit because they're in the rest of the series tho. But Uncharted 2 is significantly better.

      Btw there is a cool friends feature on these games. It keeps track of all your friends stats and when you get near certain milestones it'll pop up a notice at the bottom right of the screen to compare your stats to your friends. When you get around to playing them again you'll see how many headshots or stealth kills I've done and that'll give you some encouragement to beat my totals. :P One of my friends played Uncharted 2.. right before the last boss I headshotted some guy and the game did a stat pop up and I saw that my friend had 2 more headshots than me. I killed one more guy with a headshot, then boom, final boss. his headshot count will be higher than me by 1 kill. good for him. damn him. lol.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah, your bro was popping up a lot while I played Uncharted 1. lol

    4. Sledgstone


      lol. yep, same for me. But then I noticed his name disappeared for the second one, I asked him the other day and he never got around to playing it yet. But he enjoyed it so much that he has beaten it at least twice on the PS3. He said he almost beat it on hard difficulty but couldn't get it done on the last stage. That speaks volumes to me. If he couldn't beat it on hard mode and theres still 2 more difficulties above that, thats insane. The hardest difficulty probably requires you to never get shot once or you die instantly.

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