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    Myk JL

    Aya Neo

    AyaNeo Air on IGG cost about $501, but I'm not a fan of Windows plausibly being replaced by AyaNeo OS. If I wanted Linux, I'd use Ubuntu. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ayaneo-air-first-ultra-thin-oled-windows-handheld/x/26128503#/ https://ayaneo.com/product/AYANEOAIR.html
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    Diablo IV

    At a glance it looks like they totally ripped off Guild Wars 2 dynamic events and world boss system. I'm ok with that. 160 dungeons? Its looking promising. I really dig the old school, less colorful tone of the world. Kinda disappointed no demon hunter. I'll probably main Barb and alt Rogue.
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    Overwatch 2

    Free to Play. I guess they are gonna go hard on loot boxes. The best part if all the OG players keep all their cosmetics from the first game. They'll really have to step up their creativity to top my current favorite skins. I've heard the 5v5 has toned down the need for team cohesion and allows more solo carry. This lead to a lot of support heroes struggling to even stay alive. They've been revamping them giving them more offense. We'll see how it plays out.

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