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    Humble Bundle

    I played the hell out of those Leisure Suit Larry games when I was a kid. I own all of them except the most recent 2 from a different bundle from Fanatical a year ago when they were all bundled together for about $2 I think. I was wondering why this bundle was $10 but its because it has the newer games. I never considered Larry games to be porn games, more like "perverted adult humor" because any sexual stuff aside from nudity would be censored in shadows or was not something anyone would want to actually watch because Larry never had an actual good sexual encounter until the end of each game. I didn't know they made new games until earlier this year when I saw a playthrough of Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry. I was surprised as all hell to see there was a new Larry game and decided to watch it... and that unicorn scene, wtf. x_x I'll pass on this bundle mostly because I own most of them and I'm not interested in playing the sequel "Wet Dreams Dry Twice". I loved point and click adventures way back in the day, but the new Larry games seem like they'd be a bit too slow to play (It was alot of trying to combine inventory items to figure out what needs to be done in a given situation to trigger the next course of events.) when I can watch a playthrough instead. Also, all the old games did not age that well at all. All those old school VGA graphics are so outdated now.
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    The Harder They Fall

    I watched this and it was awesome. The story, acting, and action were all good. It proves you can make a movie like this without being "woke". I recommend it.

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