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    Well I just landed myself a PS5 thanks to an email invite, thank fucking god. On a fricken adrenaline high right now and so freaking pumped because it means I finally get to play Cyberpunk. Gah!!!!!!! If you'll excuse me I'm going to go calm down now and let this adrenaline high subside.
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    youtube is king..youtube is knowledge.

    Congrats on the license man, hope you're well. How're things in the trucking world now that you've been doing this for a year+ ??
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    Mosquitos here have been a bastard the last 3 weeks! Ravenous assholes that don't even care that I have deep woods off sprayed all over my body and citronella candles are burning everywhere. I even sprayed some cutter bug killing spray onto part of my yard and those bastards keep coming for every time I walk outside. x_x Its times like this that I don't mind winter because it kills every last one of them.

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