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    Strider Hiryu


    As someone who spends a lot of time watching Star Wars Theory (hey just cause I hate what Disney is doing doesn't mean I still don't want to keep up on lore) this is just bull shit. I didn't watch the Quartering video (in fact didn't even know he made on until you posted this, might have to watch it later even if I don't like Jeremy (his opinions are spot on sometimes though, usually with stuff like this)) but I watched SWT's response to Pablo's tweets (well his first one, seems he has another one up now that I didn't get to watching today) and it's just sad. Disney needs to nip this shit in the but and keep crap like this from happening. Fans should be able to react how they want (especially passionate fans like SWT) and not fear being ridiculed by those with creative power and power in franchises like this. Utterly bonkers this shit was allowed to happen (then again I'm sure now that it's blowing up Disney will swoop in and try to save face on this one). This reminds me of that incident with that female Guild Wars 2 dev a few years back. You'd think companies would be setting some pretty firm social media engagements rules after that fiasco.

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