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    Playstation 5

    i went to my brother's house today and played ps5 little bit. he only has that new spiderman game for now so i lend him half of my ps4 games lol. he said the game crashed once, he just got it yesterday so that doesnt sound too comfy. he installed ghost of tsushima and it was pretty quick, i remember when i was installing it, it took awhile with my ps4. and i dont think there was any loading time now that i think about it. he kept asking me is it faster, does it look better? but idk i couldnt tell the difference, graphic or gameplay wise. its too early to tell from just a few ps5/4 games so yeah.
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    Playstation 5

    I tried to get one from the Walmart sale. All 4 drops the same thing happened. I got it into my cart, and there was endless loading and crashes trying to place the order until it was out of stock. Its so senseless. It should be reserved for you for at least 5 min until you can check out on a secure area of their servers. I pre entered all my info for my credit card, address, and not having their 2 year warranty.. but it still asked me for all of that or to verify it. Once again giving all the advantage to the bots while slowing down the humans. I then got on playstation direct. I was in the front of the line... got to the end of the queue in 15 min and then the site did something funky and kicked me into the back of the line.. this happened to all my friends that were also on. Of course people that joined late got their PS5, and we just got a sold out notice 2 hours in. Honestly I wish I could just fucking pay someone and let them send it to me when it's available. I'm tired of trying to order something. Everyone should do this so bots can order 20k PS5s and bankrupt all these assholes when it takes the money or overcharges their card.

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