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    This show was awesome. That season 2 finale though. wtf. With how they left the season on such a huge cliffhanger, I really hope covid doesn't screw up the production start date of season 3 too bad. Those kids grow fast in between filming seasons as it is. We might have a CW Riverdale situation where a bunch of actors noticeably in their 30s are playing high school students. After watching the first two seasons, I still emphasize with Johnny. Hes a great guy but everyone has their own flaws. This still reminds me of this video showing Karate Kid from Johnny' perspective: I can't remember who made these original quotes, but they apply to this story like almost everything else: "Everyone is the hero in their own story" "There is no bad guy, just people with different opinions that are doing what they think is right." Its all about perspective, I like when Johnny explained what happened on the beach way back then to Miguel. From his perspective Miguel was basically "Wow, Danny was a dick".
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    2020 Predictions?

    ehh i think everyone got a plan until you get hit applies here. shoot him in the neck, get him in the face, idk, there really is no time to think as it happens so fast. you just act on your instinct as your head go numb. when i got robbed at workplace at gunpoint i just froze. i had my snub nose in my back pocket and i left one chamber empty bc i didnt want the gun to go off accidently while i was working so it was too late to draw my gun anyway but it wasnt even an option. i dont know why i thought i would have time to casually get my gun out, roll the chamber once and im ready for gunfight. lucky he only grabbed cash on register and left bc other customer was pulling in. but my former coworker got worst of it. someone quit so my schedule changed and i had to go to a different store to help out. it was a slow night so he was putting motor oil in his jeep when 4 men with shotguns and pistols came out from corner and dragged him inside and beat him (kick, punch, pistol whip him) pretty badly. he normally have his pistol tucked in his back pants. but on that night he left the gun under the counter. extremely lucky robbers didnt find it when they were searching everywhere for valuables. while they were getting away he grabbed his gun under the counter and pointed at one of running robbers and "click"..his fking pistol was jammed. he wouldve been so so screwed if he had his gun on him. he said he had that gun for years, never had prob with it so he was very shook. just imagine i was suppose to work that night. and another time i was opening the store in the morning when alarm went off bc i forgot the password. cop came and stood outside asking for my ID. i have my ID in my car so i reached for my keys..But i had forgotten that i keep my gun in my front pocket now fully loaded bc of that 1st incident. i was like oh shit, ppl die for this shit. remember that guy who got swatted by his game buddy as a prank, he reached for his front pocket and died as a result? it wasnt even that long that i watched that video and commented i would never be that stupid and here i am doing the same thing. i glanced at him as he was looking at something else so i casually reached my back pocket to get my keys out. just to show, you just never know when or how its gonna happen. i planned and played in my head numerous scenarios if i ever get attacked and need to use my gun, i would do this and that, but when it actually happened, i didnt even have time to think. just be alert on your surroundings but nothing else you can do about it.
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    2020 Predictions?

    Ok so here is the brutal part. If someone is in your home that doesn't need to be there, you shoot to kill. There are too many risk factors involved with keeping someone injured and alive. Why are they there? What kind of person are they? I listened to a podcast done by a "retired" burglar. He basically said if he had gotten held at gunpoint he would have surrendered and beg for his life but not everyone is the same. He also said laminated windows was the best deterrent against thieves as they're too much of a hassle to break and get through. Most burglars will just give up because its too time consuming which increases the risk of being caught. Its always an in and out job... mostly in the day time. All that night time stuff is mostly just Hollywood. But back to the issue of shooting someone. If you hit someone with birdshot, unless its in the face and you take out eyes, once they get their bearings again they could be dangerous, especially if they're under the influence of meth or some other type of drug. These people may have had no intention of harming anyone but now they're hurt, scared, and not thinking rationally. They're bleeding, they might have transmittable diseases, they're going to attack you now because they chose fight instead of flight. Maybe its just someone down on their luck, you shot them, they lived... now they're going to sue you for their hospital bills and try to get some extra. (there are actual cases of this happening). Shoot to kill... dead people can't sue you or attack you after the fact. Killing someone can be traumatic, but is the stress of the unknown worth holding someone at gunpoint with a phone in your hand until the cops arrive? What if they flee? I'm sure your state is much less forgiving by law if you shoot someone in the back even if its in your own home that they were robbing. You know this, and let them escape... will they come back for revenge? Are they waiting outside for you when you take out the trash to hurt you for trying to kill them? Maybe and most likely not.. but its always gonna be in the back of your mind. Now when I say shoot to kill, you shoot someone, they go down... if they're still alive writhing in pain. I'd say tell them not to move. Again its a fine line... don't empty the mag/clip/tube into them to make sure they're dead. That will definitely constitute as an execution. I don't know your state laws, I'm just going on what I know from certain states where this is such a touchy issue. In my state, you can in fact shoot someone in the back, in your yard, in your car... that all constitutes as your "castle" as they call it. Now if they drive off in your car you can't go driving after them and empty a mag... you'll get hit with reckless endangerment. If you want to go the route of non-leathal there is insurance for self defense shootings. the USCCA provides it from like $30-50 a month. It provides you with legal defense in case someone sues you for shooting them. In some instances your homeowners insurance can cover it. It's def something that needs to be researched. And one more time. Get off the .22!!! Unless you gonna be shooting snakes, squirrels, groundhogs, and other small mammals. Plus if there is ever another school shooting, or any kind of mass violence, .22 ammo will be non existent. People buy them all up in a panic because they're cheap. I remember after Sandy-Hook and congress started discussing gun control there was an absolute frenzy on ammo in almost every caliber. But even after things calmed down it was months before .22 was available regularly and the price jumped significantly. Its a shit round good only for the things I just mentioned. Its more to do with the velocity of the cartridge than the actual round size. A .223 or .17 hornet is basically a .22 with a shit ton more gun powder behind it. Basically its the difference between putting a philips head screw bit at the top of your 8th grade science class baking soda rocket and then doing the same but putting it at the top of a Saturn V rocket. .223 doesn't kick bad if you're worried about your wrists and elbows. There is a reason the military uses .556 (just a .223 with more umf... a gun chambered with .556 can shoot a .223 much like a .357 mag can shoot .38 special rounds... just don't shoot .556 out of a .223 or a .357 out of a .38... the frames aren't designed to handle the pressure). Here is a coyote gun for under $500 with the scope. Savage Arms is a pretty good budget brand... and this video isn't 20 min. It shows the kick pretty good. There is a heavy barrel variant which will mitigate recoil further. I saw this at sportsman outdoors site with a rebate. I don't know if you have any brick and mortars of these up there. The thing about gun retail is that the prices can wildly vary from gunshop to gunshop and big box retailers. Big box places like Academy and Bass Pro are going to be more expensive most the time than your local FFL dealer. And its always worth scoping out the price on the internet at places like budsgunshop. To buy a gun online, you'll have to consult with your local gunshop, they order it for you. But you have to ask what their transfer price is. The shops generally have a set price for transfers so they can make some money off a better deal you found online than they have in their inventory. If you want to see some wrist breaking action tho..... Its time stamped to skip to the good part.

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