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    Turns out I had some sitemap issues, SEO issues and some issues with the https changeover that google absolutely did not like. It looks like google wasn't crawling the site or at least not crawling and indexing the site like it should have been for who knows how long. I think thats all fixed now and I think google is indexing correctly again. Will this increase our users online? I have no idea, lol. But at least the site should be a bit more visible with google now.. at least until google gives me another email about errors again. As of now from over the last 5 months our best search term that gives us results is: "one punch man english dub" The lowest search terms that somehow loads one of our pages: "utz cheddar cheese balls"
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    Ghost of Tsushima

    I trust this more than I do the reviews which seem to be mostly positive but mixed. TL;DW Pros: Fun combat, Beautiful environment, Do anything anywhere (for the most part) and play anyway you want. Enemies don't get more HP as you go deeper into the game to negate your skill and strength increase, but they will kill you faster if you're not careful. Basically typical what SP has done with inFAMOUS in terms of combat. Kill fast, die fast. Don't be reckless. Cons: No lock on system occasionally causing you to attack the wrong enemy while in a stance that was meant for another, side quest repetition after about 30 hours.
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    I watched this last year before I ever saw an ep of Clone Wars or Rebels. I got to this ep tonight and have a greater appreciation for it. Its def not my favorite animated lightsaber duel ever, but the meaning behind it is super impactful and masterfully done. Maul was a really good character through both series. I actually felt sorry for him when he died. Kenobi had empathy for him in the end. If you didn't catch the nuances of this very short and brief encounter, this video will give you a whole new appreciation for it.
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    Oh yeah. I forgot about how BS that final mission was.
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/grant-imahara-dead-mythbusters-host-was-49-1303101 Can we just end this fucking year already before it starts getting anymore ideas? Fucking gutted over this. Grant was always my favorite host on Mythbusters. This news comes even more at a shock considering I also found out one of my old co-workers also died from the same thing. God this year sucks.......
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    YT thread

    RIP..she was so pretty in mischief and twins.

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