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    Playstation 5

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    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    SSI recipients received their $1200.00 stimulus direct deposited today. At least the government actually got that right without screwing it up. This $600 a week unemployment thing actually sounds stupid to me. I know a handful of people that are getting it, my brother knows a good chunk of people getting it.. it seems a bit ludicrous to me. For example, my brother knows someone that was working at a gamestop part time. She only made around $600 a month. Now with the unemployment shes been making roughly $50 a week + the $600 a week bonus. Now she makes $2600.00 a month to stay home. wtf. $2000 a month bonus for these 3 months to not work. What I don't get is I know people on SSI and disability and it maxes out around $800-900 a month. The federal government decided disabled people can survive off roughly $800 a month along with medicaid, but unemployed people need their unemployment benefit plus $2400 a month to survive!? how the fuck does that work? I also found out if you have reduced hours, like only working 4 days a week instead of 5 you can claim the partial unemployment benefit and still get the $600 a week bonus. My friend's old coworkers are doing that at his old job. They're all still making like $20+ a hour 32 hours a week, getting their $50 or so partial unemployment each week and the $600 a week bonus. wtf. I also found out a local contractor got one of the forgivable small business loans. The guy's business hasn't been affected hardly at all, all employees are still doing their contractor work while social distancing and the guy pocketed $250,000.00 pretty much as pure profit bonus. Theres basically no oversight at all. I have never seen the government just had out cash like this before. Its crazy to think a republican held white house is literally giving away money like a broken ATM just spewing it all out onto the street. And all that money is basically being funneled to walmart, amazon and grocery stores because its the only places you can buy stuff. But watch how there will still be a social security issue when we all get to retirement age.. Social security will run out of money, blah blah, retirement age is now 80, work until you die, because the government can't afford to pay you the benefits you paid into your entire life, etc... unless another pandemic happens in which they'll just print and give away an ass ton of money again to anyone because money limitations don't matter for that. I saw another bill being proposed by democrats to extend that $600 a week benefit through January of 2021 and add another round of stimulus checks to everyone with a massive increase for people with children. Holy crap. If that were to happen, the dollar will lose so much value because of the massive federal debt and at the end of that the country would be pretty much guaranteed to have to go through punishing austerity measures that would wreck whatever economy we have left. I feel bad for the people that died of Covid19, but I want to see the economy open back up ASAP. Let old people and people with severe pre-existing conditions stay at home still and stay safe for another month or so without punishment from their employers, etc., but let the rest of the population go out and resume their lives. Good news is testing in my area is significant now as of this week. They're now letting anyone and everyone be tested at multiple locations even if you don't show symptoms. If this was available at the beginning, this entire lockdown for months wouldn't have been necessary... Which also brings me back to the endless money pit that is USA right now.. if we had all this money to pay everyone hundreds of billions of dollars to not work.. why the hell didn't the federal government tap into that endless supply of cash for preventive measures like national testing and have it done within the first half month of this entire breakout. I'm glad Covid19 wasn't the equivalent of Spanish flu, half the country would have probably died with this shitty response.
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    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    i go to kroger every saturday or sunday to buy 2 big whole chickens (about 3 - 4 lbs) thats already been cooked. i cut them up to little pieces and put them in containers and im good for a week. they were however out of stock for close to a month (including frozen ones) and i asked a deli lady and she told me that a processing plant had been shutdown so there were no more big chickens. but smaller sized whole chickens were available so it was no biggie for me. and there was no limit to how many chickens i could get so i grabbed what i needed for that week. after trump ordered meat factories to stay open recently, i managed to buy big chickens again last saturday. sams offer them at half price but they make you wait in line outside so i didnt bother to check there.
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    Myk JL

    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    I started hoard shopping for meat on Pi Day. Only meat I usually ate that is out of stock is Tilapia. I'm thinking about switching to Salmon when it comes to fish. But Salmon cost more & has fewer serving per bag.
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    I'm stepping up my manscaping. lol. I bought a "MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver" off amazon. I've only used it once and I already highly recommend it. My back is like a wookie. And this thing shredded through all that hair and didn't pull a single one. No pain and no red marks or irritation on my back. Link for reference: https://www.amazon.com/MANGROOMER-Ultimate-Shaver-Absorber-Extreme/dp/B00FULYKG4 Its got a rechargeable battery. I was really impressed with it. I'd post before and after pics of my back, but I don't want to traumatize people with my back hair bathroom mirror pics.

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