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    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    I'm glad so many companies are now doing work from home. The company I work for has been doing it for years already. I'm happy with my job, but it'll be nice to see new potential job offerings in the future that actually have telecommuting as an option because it'll open up the workforce across the country instead of only hiring locally. The potential for higher paying jobs will be available to more people in more diverse locations as long as employers keep their work from home options available. Its actually cheaper for the employers too because they don't have to pay for offices, computers, software licenses, power, etc. since all that falls on the home employee. Assuming the workflow stays the same to justify the work from home option. I think that will be the real test for alot of these companies doing this for the first time. Not everyone is suited with the mentality for working from home. It is alot of self isolation and full of potential distractions. I'm a bit anti-social so its never bothered me. But I know some people that went a bit nuts and craved human interaction so bad they either had to quit or go out to a store or something every single lunch break just to see people and start a random conversation with a stranger. It takes a while, but that going crazy from isolation feeling kicks in for people after about a month. In other news: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/texas-lt-gov-dan-patrick-suggests-he-other-seniors-willing-n1167341 I have a feeling Trump and others will lift the quarantine within 2 weeks instead of a month, because the economy and stocks are more important that old people's lives. And the coronavirus stimulus package that could send money out to people sounds like a shit show. Republican version wants all citizens taxpayers to get a one time check for roughly $1200 but corporations gets massive bailouts with no real oversight. Meanwhile the democrats must be smoking a shit ton of medicinal marijuana because some are wanting their version of the stimulus to waive up to $30,000 off everyone's student loans. Like that would ever pass. If theres money for getting student loans paid off, why not waive my credit card debt too dems? Or maybe my brother's medical debt? wtf. Or maybe they could make it so all that student loan debt is now zero percent finance and put that bailout money towards medical products or food stamps for the needy that are all freshly unemployed. Meanwhile everyone thats losing their jobs from this are losing their health insurance at the same time because they'll always be connected together in this country because its how our health insurance industry is set up. I wonder how long rural hospitals / doctor offices will be able to stay open when a large chunk of people don't have insurance to pay for their visits. Those places will have to take the hit while they send out past due notices to patients that might never pay them. One of my local doctor's offices already closed for the foreseeable future. They have one employee working 4 hours a day over the phone only, basically doing refills and telling anyone with an issue to go to an urgent care facility instead. Apparently it made more sense for them to lay off the entire staff and close up shop and fully re-open in 2-3 months instead of actually helping during this situation. Thankfully this isn't the doctor I go to. Also, turns out one of my specialist doctor's I've seen in the past is now offering video appointments. I like that some doctor's are actually coping with the situation instead of just denying their services.
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