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    Black Desert Online?

    The character customization leaves a lot to be desired, but I was happy with the flexibility in the face structure. Character customization aside, I have been really enjoying this game. The first day or so was a little overwhelming, but it was overwhelming in kind of a good way. I haven't felt so much drive to learn the ins and outs of a video game in quite a while. Black Desert Online rides the line between accessibility and system-overload (EVE ONLINE) pretty successfully, I think. I might be a little reluctant to call it a true sandbox, but this game has tons of figurative sand in it. There are so many viable game play styles that it almost brings me to choice paralysis -- but I have been enjoying dipping my toes into each type of activity since the barrier to entry is usually pretty low. -- I'm growing some carrots right now and fishing. The combat is most similar to Blade and Soul. It is fast-action combat with lots of combo potential. Unlike BnS, as far as I am aware, the combos are all free-form combos and don't have to be executed in any particular order. You can either map your attack actions on your hotbar, or you can use the built-in key-combinations to execute your special attacks. IE: Valkyrie (Backwards(s) + E) will drop a celestial spear from the heavens to deal damage and knock down enemies. Alternatively Backwards(S) + Q would throw your shield like a boomerang - like Sivir from League of Legends. I could go on, but I have at least a dozen different skills. -- On a side note, I do personally enjoy BnS's combat a little better (I played Blade Master) .. but I would say that BDO's combat is on a par. I've already logged far too many hours into this and I could literally talk about it for hours.. but I'll cut it short here unless people are interested in hearing more. tl;dr: BDO is a fantasy life simulator with pretty cool combat.

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