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    Carol was totally fuckin awesome. From taking care of Tyreese and Judith to raising hell in Terminus. She fuckin wasted that joint. Whooooooooooooooooo go Carol!!! When that woman steps up shit gets done! When Daryl saw her and ran to her for hugs... oh man everybody gotta ship that now! Even her and Rick were cool "You do that?" so cute. Rick and Carl reunited with Judith, Sasha and Tyreese, all good yo. Looking forward to Morgan joining them. Tyresse is gonna tell Rick he knows hes cool and Rick should stfu and appreciate that woman! Glen will convince him Tara and Abraham's group is cool. TTD: Conan was great but they shoulda had one of those women that ship Daryl Carol cuz she woulda been losing her mind lol
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    Destiny - Discussion

    A few observations from my short time tonight. I think the emblem buff is true... each emblem's hidden buff is very minimal though. Just doing the 2 moon mission bounties and patrol bounty garnered me 5 blue engram drops. I experianced this on a daily heroic with sledge yesterday as well. I've also gone through regular dry spells. The Cryptarch seems to give me more motes of light for blues than usual as well... again its not by much, so the theory is iffy. If you go to the reddit link from the original link I posted, someone posted break downs of the supposed chest loot one.... the gains were very small from field testing. That being said. I'm convinced my luck with chests just comes from the time I've spent farming the planets. My grimoire has to be off the charts in the Cosmodrome due to my loot cave shenanigans. The Moon and Venus are about equal. I got 2 blue engrams, an 2 special ammo synthesis and helium filaments from a moon chest tonight. I've started saving the video clips to make a montage later. Leveling up the Cryptarch yesterday finally gave me my first post patch postmaster legendary engram. It ended up being a Legendary Crucible Pulse Rifle called Fair and Square. Honestly I like how it handles better than Red Death.... if only it had that heal perk. I was going to scrap it once I got all the upgrades unlocked.... but now I'm thinking about keeping it for another character. Its a damn nice pulse rifle. It's bursts are faster than Red Death, and it has the high caliber rounds upgrade I like. The bounties need more variety. Shrine of Oryx two days in a row is uncalled for.... on top of that, the 3 public events bounty carried over as well. These same missions get redundant. Experiance means little to me outside of motes of light. They should make ascended bounties that give out a chance at some material. I don't care if they are more time consuming. Kill 5000 enemies, Kill 3 or more with your super 500 times, revive 250 team mates.... something different for a reward that is worth it for higher level players.

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