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Aylanis Sam Glam Res1

Strider Hiryu
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So with the introduction of the glowy new Relic weapons this last patch (aka Resistance Weapons) I figured it was time for some new screen shots of Aylanis. As you'll note she has mysteriously become a bunny girl again. No idea how that happened. Mysterious magic is afoot I think. Weapon is currently sheathed but I wanted to give a side profile of it sheathed along with a side shot of the glam. No I was not going for a Matrix look it's just how it turned out with the new 24-man Striking chest piece looking like it does (new Nier inspired gear). Also as a side note behold a character that has all combat and crafting jobs at 80. If you're wondering why I haven't been extremely active over the last few months that's why. Been leveling the fuck out of my jobs so I could finally say I had everything at 80. Only downside is I don't know what to do now :(

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