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Blu-Ray Star Trek Phaser

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the potential of an uncharted universe lies before you... and you wanna cut the cheese



                                               Look at the flowers

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    • By Sledgstone
      This is a pretty pointless first look of the logo of the new series. The thing that caught my eye was at the end were it looks like the show will actually be on CBS and not online streaming only. Turns out thats not the case. The first episode will premiere on CBS and the rest of the season will be only available with the CBS All Access streaming package for $6 a month. It'll be completely stand alone and wont tie into the movies either. I'll probably skip this series.
    • By Sledgstone
      lmao! He finally realizes his obsession with lens flares.
    • By DeathscytheX
      Is that the USS Excelsior? I guess a Miranda Class ship would make it too obvious jussst in case.... X'D

    • By DeathscytheX
      The final Trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness before it releases May 17th... and it leaves some intriguing questions.
      Is that the USS Excelsior? I guess a Miranda Class ship would make it too obvious jussst in case.... X'D

      Click here to view the article
    • By Sledgstone

      The laser weapon is not yet powerful enough to take out jets or missiles and it is only going to be equipped onto a transport ship for now. I have a feeling that once they get these laser weapons more powerful and start deploying them onto nuclear powered aircraft carriers, those carriers would completely own the air. Imagine a nuclear powered laser. I imagine it instant destroying ships or airplanes with precision blasts.
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