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God of War 3 "Ultimate Edition" Opens Pandora's Box

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Ever since Bungie fired the first shot with their $129.99 Legendary edition of Halo 3, it seems like there's been an ongoing arms race of increasingly ludicrous videogame collector's editions. From replica Batarangs to night-vision goggles, there's no shortage of bizarre pack-ins for those of us who don't mind paying upwards of $100 for our games. And now Sony's ready to add to the madness with next year's "Ultimate Edition" of God of War 3.

This premium release of God of War 3 includes all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a modern collector's edition: Your standard limited-edition art book, plus vouchers to download exclusive content like an in-game combat arena, a "Dominus" skin for Kratos, a making-of documentary, an album of heavy metal music inspired by the game, and the original soundtracks to the entire God of War trilogy. Oh, and it all comes packaged in an 8.3" wide x 10.5" long x 5.9" tall replica of Pandora's Box from the first God of War.

According to GameStop's product page for the "Ultimate Edition," all of that will set you back about $100 when the game arrives next March. That's not cheap, but at least you can use Pandora's Box to store some of those other gigantic collector's editions that are beginning to cramp your style.


I'd love to own a pandora's box! X'D That price is too high for me tho. :P


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