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In Canyonlands National Park, increased drought and

hotter temperatures will make it harder for bighorn

sheep to find nourishing grasses and hide from


Climate change is damaging our national parks and

their inhabitants -- take action today >>


Interior Secretary Salazar is making habitat

protection a priority, but we need Congress to take it

one step further. We need to protect key wildlife

migration routes and ecosystems, including on private

lands. We need to enhance the capacity of our forests,

wetlands and soils to store carbon and help fight

global warming.

Soon, the Senate will begin debate on climate change

legislation that will dedicate as much as $1.8 billion

per year for protecting our natural resources from the

effects of global warming. This will provide needed

resources that are needed to protect our national parks

and all of our natural resources.

And we need you to help convince your senator that

passing climate change legislation and protecting our

wildlife is important to you! >>


Thank you,


Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team



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