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Strict Okla. abortion laws spark court battles

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New laws would force women to answer questions, hear ultrasound details

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two new laws being challenged in the Oklahoma courts would give the state some of the strictest abortion laws in the country by forcing women to answer questions about race and their relationships, and to listen to a doctor talk them through an ultrasound.

well obviously thats a big fuck you to women seeking medical treatment. Its a violation of privacy with a raciest twist. The ultrasound thing is a bullshit waste of a doctors time and could leave the patient emotionally disturbed. It's horse shit yo.

One law would require women to fill out a lengthy survey that asks, among other things, about their race, education and reason for seeking an abortion. It asks women whether they're having relationship problems, whether they can't afford to raise a child or whether having a baby would dramatically change their lives.

Another section requires doctors to provide detailed information about complications that arise as a result of the procedure. The Health Department ultimately would compile the information into a statistical report and post it on its Web site.

it is none of the governments fucking business

if people want to volunteer to fill out a survey, fine, but you don't force it on them for them to have a medical procedure. that sounds like a job for the shitty insurance industry NOT the government.

fuck you Oklahoma and your dark ages bullshit :smoke2:


                                               Look at the flowers

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