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I'm at the end of my rope. What CIGNA is doing to me is--well, it's


I have a brain tumor. Doctors are ready to help me. But CIGNA has been

blocking me from getting testing and treatment for two years, while almost

doubling my premiums.

Then, this week was the kicker. CIGNA's pharmacy called to say that the

co-pay on the medicine that helps control my debilitating head pain is

skyrocketing from $10 to $1,115. That's not a typo. They're making me pay one hundred times what I'm paying now, in addition to my $753/month


I can't afford that. So when the pain comes, I won't have any defense.

I'll spend hours in the fetal position, out of my mind with pain.

When my story went public a couple of weeks ago--with the help of over

100,000 MoveOn members--CIGNA said they would pay for a test I'd been

asking for at Cleveland Clinic. It was a step in the right direction. But

after two years of denials, and with a long course of treatment ahead of

me, I knew better than to just take them at their word.

So I asked questions. But they wouldn't offer any explanation for why they

denied my coverage for so long, or any assurance that they had changed

their procedures so I wouldn't face the same unjust denials again. And I

began to wonder if they were more interested in just sweeping my story

under the rug than actually helping me.

When I got this latest news from CIGNA's pharmacy on Tuesday, I kept

asking myself, is this a mistake? Or is this happening because I went

public with my case? Are other CIGNA customers receiving the same phone


I used to give CIGNA the benefit of the doubt, but after years of

unexplained denials, I've had enough. So I'm asking for your help again.

For myself, and for everyone else who is suffering, I am asking CIGNA for


And I think it would help if thousands of people like you were to join me

in demanding them. I'm writing them a short letter with a simple question:

Why? Can you add your name to my letter?


this kind of crap has got to stop


                                               Look at the flowers

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