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Myk JL

Is Deadpool Rulk (Red Hulk)?... Please say no...

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If you know Deadpool, you know his past history is screwed up enough...

Sharing a soul with T-Ray (Magic?)... Getting a healing factor from Weapon-X (Mutant?)... Almost dying, falling in love with Death that causes a love triangle between him, her & Thanos, then getting cursed by Thanos with Immortality so he could never see Death again (Cosmic)...



... Tricking Hulk into impaling himself so Deadpool can get Hulk's blood for a blood transfusion Deadpool needed to get his healing factor working again... (Rulk?)

A blood transfusion is how we got She Hulk... So... Does Deadpool... smash?...


A little off topic, but just to cover Deadpool's history a little more ever since having for a moment a sybiote attached to Deadpool then removing it, when the new series started, Deadpool has had two other voices in his head...

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

Universal Broadband?

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I did not know he was immortal. O_O I remember reading a thing about him having a love affair with Death tho, but hes immortal now?

If he had a transfusion of hulk blood, then he should now be immune to all illnesses and diseases, which I guess is comparable to his healing factor or could jump start it... but I don't think he'll turn hulk. But then again, if she-hulk stays in a constant hulk form with full consciousness, then maybe deadpool will get a strong skin upgrade, grow a couple feet taller and get a mad powerful strength increase. In that case, Deadpool should then seek mental powers and then declare himself a physical god. :P


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