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Help us banish the myth of bipartisan healthcare reform

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It's time for Harry Reid to step up to show leadership and pass the public

option through the Senate.

A strong public option is overwhelmingly popular with the public, the

House has the votes to pass a bill with a strong public option and

President Obama says that he wants to sign a bill with a strong public


Yet in the Senate, some Democrats have been allowed to stall reform by

fruitlessly trying to attract the votes of Republicans who want nothing

more than to see any healthcare reform effort fail. It's clear that

getting even a single Republican vote would require unacceptably weakening

the bill. Bipartisanship is simply not worth it.

We have the votes to win on the public option. Unlike other types of bills

in the Senate, the public option can be passed as a "reconciliation bill"

that cannot be filibustered and only requires a simply majority to pass.

I just told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid he must do whatever it

takes, including passing health care reform as a reconciliation bill, to

ensure Congress meaningfully addresses the health care crisis we are


I hope you will, too. Please have a look and take action.



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