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Rush goes tool to the max

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Raw Story

In a remark extraordinary even by the standards of his show,

Rush Limbaugh said explicitly, Wednesday that the United

States needed to return to racially segregated busing.


“If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable, why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?” the talk show host asked. “I’m sorry — I mean, this is the way my mind works. But apparently now we don’t choose racism, we just are racists. We are born that way. We don’t choose it. So shouldn’t it be acceptable, excuse — this is according to the way the left thinks about things.”
I almost fell outta my chair. He's completely insane. Nobody on the left thinks all white people are born racist. I'm white and pretty far left and wasn't born racist or not. That kind of hatred is a learned behavior, sexual orientation is not. No one is born hating anyone or anything.
Let’s have an open conversation, an honest conversation about all of our typical white grandmothers. You had one, I had one. Obama had one. They’re racists just like our students are.
Umm no. The grammy I loved was 100% Italian. Her parents came here from Italy a few WW's ago and she was the 2nd child born in America. The ppl she didn't like were the Irish; catholic church drama bullshit. My other grammy was 1/2 indigenous American. She never hated on anybody. Neither were "typical white grandmothers". So seeing as how I didn't have mad racist super whitey grammys, do I not get to take part in his "honest conversation".

There aren't any racist students coming outta this house either and I got 2 in hs.





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